“How can we keep up?” Why HR’s biggest challenge requires an integrated approach


Nearly 20 years ago, when we started helping organizations with their talent needs through recruitment process outsourcing solutions, we made it our mission to be the most unique and innovative providers in the talent acquisition space. It has guided our work ever since, continually driving us to expand our solutions and strengthen our services and expertise to help our clients navigate the ever-changing talent market.

Over the years, our mission has helped us stay on track, guiding our business decisions and keeping our people and services aligned as we work towards achieving our ultimate purpose as an organization.

Our upcoming integration with our sister company Aspirant will help us remain true to our mission and purpose. I firmly believe that, as HR’s role evolves, it will need the support of providers with integrated expertise across more business areas in order to solve their organizations’ unique challenges.

I’ve written a lot about the future of talent acquisition as organizations face a competitive landscape and rates of change unlike anything experienced before. And, as I speak with HR leaders, it is clear just how broad those challenges really are. Technology is being developed faster than companies can adapt. Businesses are rapidly standing-up new divisions to address changes in the market. Organizations are merging at historic rates. All of these things have a tremendous impact on an organization’s talent—on the people they have, and the people they will need to meet the company’s strategic goals.

I can’t tell you how often an HR leader will ask me, “how can we keep up?”

I feel our integration with Aspirant can help us provide the answer.

Helping HR Keep Up

services sidebarBy joining forces with Aspirant, we’ll be able to leverage an exceptional breadth of resources and provide solutions to all of the challenges HR faces today.

A management and technology consulting firm, Aspirant has integrated expertise across nearly every aspect of business operation. It is hard to find an organization that better understands the needs of their clients, and what an important role Talent Strategy and Acquisition plays in achieving your strategic business goals.

There are many players in this space. I’ve heard from Talent Acquisition and HR leaders time and time again how difficult it is to find an organization that understands their unique talent needs. At Aspirant, our broader lens and deeper capabilities help us identify and design talent strategies aligned with your business’ strategic priorities and see them through to delivery.

Leading through innovation

For a long time, the recruiting industry has suffered from a reputation that its approach is set in stone. We beg to differ, which is why innovation figures so prominently in our mission and why we’re continually making investments to bring innovative tools and approaches, such as PowerSourcing®, to market. In fact, in 2019, our organization earned the distinction of being named “Industry Disruptor” by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), for the way we embrace our client’s challenges and create innovative and accessible ways to help companies of all sizes reach their recruiting goals.

I must confess, I am energized by the opportunity this integration provides us to “disrupt” the industry once again. And not just because I think our approach will give our firm an advantage over other providers.

As an HR or Talent Acquisition leader, you need to know that you are at the center of all we do. You inspire our need to continually develop new solutions to help you improve talent outcomes. We think our integration will help us get to the very core of our client’s talent needs and create solutions that bring about a more strategically aligned, productive, and happier workplace.

I look forward to introducing you to our talented team of consultants, and to sharing more about how we are solving some of the most challenging talent acquisition.

Want to see how our integrated approach can help you build and implement the ideal talent strategy for your company? Connect with us.

Written by Patty Silbert

President of Newton Talent since 2018, Patty Silbert has over 30 years of experience developing the innovative solutions that help HR professionals just like you meet their most pressing recruitment challenges and their companies achieve their talent acquisition goals. She is a regular writer and speaker on the subjects of recruitment strategy, employment branding, HR technology, and leadership.