What’s in a name? Why Candidate Care is an important role for HR.


Candidates don’t just “buy” the job you’re offering. There are many factors that weigh into their decision-making process. But the one that has the most direct correlation with your ability to snag top talent is one we often overlook. It’s simply how you make them feel throughout the interview process.

Believe it or not, how candidates feel about your company before, during, and after they have applied and interviewed for a position is your best sales tool. And that makes it a variable you want to control.

Think about it: your candidates probably won’t remember much about your brand positioning during the interview phases. No candidate can be expected to connect with your brand attributes that early in the process. However, what they feel and remember about their experience with your brand can make all the difference in helping them make a decision to take accept your position over another company’s.

That is why top recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners like us have a team of dedicated specialists to ensure every touchpoint is timely, informative, positive, and holds true to your brand.

Here at Newton Talent, we call ours the Candidate Care Team.

Some here at Newton Talent think our Candidate Care Specialist title is a bit ambiguous for the HR industry. Perhaps, they say, an industry title would be more appropriate to help buyers and candidates understand how this role helps define our service experience to our customers—clients and candidates alike. 

But as far-reaching and impactful as the roles are, it is difficult to find a title that’s an industry equivalent. Here’s why.


These roles help drive speed and agility

Is RPO right for my business?Timely and personable communications are arguably the most influential component of your candidate experience! Whether you’re sourcing passive candidates or responding to active applicants, these personal touchpoints build trust in your brand and in the hiring process itself. They preemptively give the candidate an idea of how they’ll be treated as an employee. But all too often, these communications can be late, rushed, or non-existent—merely because the HR Coordinator tasked with these communications is busy handling other administrative functions.

Let’s face it: few of us have staff on hand that we can dedicate solely to candidate communication. But as current research suggests that the top 10 percent of candidates are often gone from the marketplace within 10 days, failing to have quick and constant follow-up apprising candidates of where they are in the process might just push the best candidates right into the arms of your competition.


These roles help to define “high touch”

A dedicated Candidate Care Specialist is thoroughly trained professional who understands your industry, anticipates what your candidate needs to know, understands and manages special scheduling needs, schedules travel for the interview, and is immersed in your brand so they can act as your brand advocate throughout the candidate’s interviewing process.

They partner with hiring managers, recruiters and your candidates to ensure the process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. They move candidates through interviews, rearrange travel when unexpected weather conditions arise cancelling flights, schedule feedback sessions, provide point-to-point contacts to help candidates find buildings that often obscure from Google maps, facilitate background checks…even manage new-hire paperwork.

They literally help build the relationships and the trust that can make or break your candidate experience.

No matter what we call the role— be it Candidate Care Specialist, Candidate Experience Specialist, or even Talent Acquisition Specialist—these professionals are unique in their focus.  Their white glove concierge service is essential to protect the brand recognition your company holds in the marketplace, and just as importantly, ensure your next hire is excited and engaged from day one.

They play an extremely important part in our mission to improve and build accountability into your recruiting process, better serve hiring managers, and build relationships with candidates that ensure they have a positive experience with your brand

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Written by Patty Silbert

President of Newton Talent since 2018, Patty Silbert has over 30 years of experience developing the innovative solutions that help HR professionals just like you meet their most pressing recruitment challenges and their companies achieve their talent acquisition goals. She is a regular writer and speaker on the subjects of recruitment strategy, employment branding, HR technology, and leadership.