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5 Things Dragging Out your Interview Process that are Easy to Fix

For hiring managers, deciding “when and if” to extend the job offer after a series of candidate interviews can be an excruciating exercise. If you’ve ever hired the wrong candidate before, you may …

Debunking the Passive Job Candidate Myth: the Science of Candidate Behavior

A day doesn’t go by without someone touting a new way to attract passive job candidates. In fact, it seems to be the new golden ring that most talent acquisition professionals are clamoring for.

What’s in a name? Why Candidate Care is an important role for HR.

Candidates don’t just “buy” the job you’re offering. There are many factors that weigh into their decision-making process. But the one that has the most direct correlation with your ability to snag …

Not enough applicant flow? Blame your job postings.

All companies, no matter the size or industry, have one thing in common: their need for talent never stops.

Why Outsource Recruiting? 4 Ways You Gain More than Efficiency

Earlier this month, CareerBuilder came out with their Annual Jobs Forecast for 2017, and frankly, for most of us in HR, the recruitment challenges they see on the radar look to be a “perfect storm.”  

5 Reasons to Concentrate on Improving your Employer Reputation in 2018

Let’s talk about why you should make 2018 the year you concentrate on employer reputation.

Ho-Hum Job? Not to Owen: How GE became a career destination for new engineers

You wouldn’t say that what your company does is boring. That what you’re offering is “just another job.” But that’s probably how your message is coming across.

Why a Candidate Persona Should Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy

“Bob” is moving on, and you’re tasked with finding just the right person to fill his shoes. So what kind of information should you know about your candidates to make sure you’ve found the perfect fit …

What’s My Age Again? Marketing Jobs to Skilled Talent Means Marketing to Gen X

As a recruiter with about ten years of experience, I’ve had the chance to gain a pretty good understanding of what motivates my specific candidate audience. Any marketer or sales professional will …

Why Is It So Hard to Own Your Corporate Culture?

No one would argue that talent is critical to competition, or that capital or innovation are essential to profitability. So why is it easy to overlook how fundamental corporate culture is to employee …

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