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Patty Silbert

President of Newton Talent since 2018, Patty Silbert has over 30 years of experience developing the innovative solutions that help HR professionals just like you meet their most pressing recruitment challenges and their companies achieve their talent acquisition goals. She is a regular writer and speaker on the subjects of recruitment strategy, employment branding, HR technology, and leadership.

Recent Posts

“How can we keep up?” Why HR’s biggest challenge requires an integrated approach

Nearly 20 years ago, when we started helping organizations with their talent needs through recruitment process outsourcing solutions, we made it our mission to be the most unique and innovative …

The Recruiting Blame Game

We have all heard the saying “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” I have used this phrase myself from time-to-time, and think I’ve heard it from every HR/TA leader I have met when we …

Why Talent Acquisition Needs to Adopt a Sourcing Mindset

In my blogs, I often mention how important it is for HR and TA Leaders to “change their sourcing mindset.” But I’ve often wondered does anyone truly understood why I continue to beat that drum?

How can talent acquisition prepare for a future that is so difficult to define?

For the past few years, industry reports on “the future of HR” forecasted new technologies that would change critical aspects of the recruiting process. In response to the needs of a new generation …

Why Everything You Thought About Sourcing Is Wrong

Every TA leader I know has thought—at least once during this crisis—that, “When the economy comes around, I will not have to work as hard to find candidates.” I have to disagree.

Why RPO is your Edge during Market Disruption

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time catching up with my professional connections, both new and old. It's something I've done in good times and bad throughout my career—because it is during …

Communication Muddled? Make “Purpose” the Heart of your EVP.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have talked a great deal about communicating with employees and candidates during turbulent times. So many organizations struggle with this, and I think we need to …

Learning to Work Remote: A Guide for Leaders

Meet Herbie. He is my 44-pound coworker who adds white noise to the background of my remote work day. The sounds of Herbie snoring, shuffling across my hardwood floor, snorting, and the occasional …

How to Keep Your Employer Brand Visible During Turbulent Times

We know that businesses across all industries are suffering due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how deeply it has affected our workforce. Some companies have slowed their recruiting efforts …

Recruiting in a Crisis: finding the right approach

The world has become a very different place over the past few weeks, and the speed of disruption has been fast and furious. As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, it has become very clear …

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