3 Things HR Can Learn About Attracting Top Talent from Online Dating (Infographic)


I just read a Cosmo article called “13 Things That Cause Guys to Automatically Swipe Left on Tinder.” Even if you’re not in the dating zone—and I’m about as far from it as a person can get—you would notice how closely the way you market yourself to a potential mate mirrors the way we market to top talent today.

In online dating, what you put in your profile can make or break your chances of meeting “the one.” And I spend a lot of my consulting time explaining to companies why their online candidate experience (or lack of) can do exactly the same thing.

Very few companies have the type of employer reputation that allows them to “post and pray” and get the kind of talent they’re looking for. Yet for some reason, many companies do just that. They’re easy to identify: they’re the ones where hiring managers continually complain about the lack of candidate interest in their roles by blaming it on a shortage of talent or skills.

In truth, candidates just weren’t impressed or didn’t like what they see. Or in today’s dating terms, they “swiped left” and moved along.

As attracting and engaging talent gets more competitive, both the design and delivery of the candidate experience become more important. Considering so much of their initial interaction is online, making sure your online candidate experience is on point is essential. Much like in those old dandruff commercials, a flaky online candidate experience is going to leave them cold.

Just how important is your online candidate experience? 

Romance Your Candidate infographic.jpg

Creating the right online candidate experience helps you ensure you have top talent ready to hear your pitch when you call. Play it the right attention, and by the time you "pop the question" or ask the candidate to join your team, you can be confident they will say “yes.”


Written by Patty Silbert

President of Newton Talent since 2018, Patty Silbert has over 30 years of experience developing the innovative solutions that help HR professionals just like you meet their most pressing recruitment challenges and their companies achieve their talent acquisition goals. She is a regular writer and speaker on the subjects of recruitment strategy, employment branding, HR technology, and leadership.